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Payment Method and Shipping

P&H Shipping Charges to anywhere(Updated):
Records:1 LP US$13, 2 LP US$20 3 LP US$25, 4 LP US$28
CDs : 1 CD US$7, 2 CD US$11 3 CD US$14
7 inch : 1 7inch US$8, 2 7inch US$12, 3 7inch US$15

I only accept cash payment at the moment due to recent high banking charges in Singapore. Sorry, I no longer accept Int. Money Order. However, pay with ease and confidence. A lot of my ebay buyers have no problem at all when making purchases using cash. It is advisable to registered your payment, as in well concealed registered letter. Pls email me to reserve any item first, before making your purchase. I will give you a total amount first.

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